Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chemo round #2 is kickin Paul in the booty...

This is Paul's second week of chemo round two.  I must say, this has been a lot harder than round one.  Poor guy has been so completely exhausted...some days he hardly gets off the bed...but he still manages to get at least one walk in a day (sometimes two) and then he lays down and takes a nap when he gets home. 

Paul has had more nausea this time.  He has not thrown up from it, but it has not been much fun.  He was just starting to gain weight when he started chemo again.  He started to put on weight right after he got his esophagus stretched....but now he is losing again...he hasn't gacked much, but he has no appetite.  He is now down to 168 lbs.  He said everything has a metallic taste to it.  I feel like a nag because I am constantly asking him if he has eaten.

Recently, Paul's friends from work gave him a care package with hats, books, and dvd's.  We had a great time looking at all the different hats!  It was just what he or should I say we needed!

Paul is such a thoughtful person.  He decided to make cookies the day before we went to Huntsman so he could share with the nurses and other patients.  He makes very yummy cookies! Paul took one of the hats and wore it while he was getting his chemo at Huntsman....He made the people smile as he walked around sharing his cookies...Here's why...

This is one of the hats his friends sent...Yep, you are seeing it correctly...it has a crocheted mustache and beard attached to it (they are buttoned to it so you can remove)! I think he totally looks like a lumberjack!

Paul will end this round of chemo of March 12th and then he will have one week off.  His third round of chemo is scheduled to be on March 20th.  We are hoping he only has to do three rounds....I guess we will see...


  1. Love you Uncle Paul! You are sunshine on a cloudy day :)

  2. Paul and Sandra,
    You are very brave! Keep on keeping on! Really appreciate your updates. Cancer needs to be beaten to a pulp, ground up into tiny little pieces and vaporized in a furnace of fire!

  3. Uncle Paul you look amazing in your hat!!

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