Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chemo round #1 complete!

After being hooked to an IV bag for 2 weeks, Paul completed the bag of chemo last night.  He will go in on Feb. 21st and have his blood checked.  If his blood is at acceptable levels, he will have his endoscopy on Feb. 22nd.  If all goes as planned, his second round of chemo is scheduled to start on Feb. 27th. 

I really hope that they are able to do his endoscopy.  He is struggling to get food down, even liquids.  He is still losing weight... TPN is just around the corner if his weight loss does not stop.  It is not like he isn't trying to eat...his darn esophagus is just one big spasm!!!!

I am so grateful that I have my Valentine here with me to celebrate today!  We have been through a lot this past two years with his health.  I treasure everyday I have with him....and hope to have many more Valentine Days to share!


  1. Glad to hear that one bag is completed! Sorry to hear that the eating is such a struggle. Happy Valentines to you both!