Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Biopsy today...

Paul had his biopsy this morning.  He had a local injection.  They used an ultrasound and some kind of needle to get samples of one of the tumors.  He said that it hurt a bit…but nothing like what he has already been through.  Evidently the tumor is starting to adhere to his bowels….it all just sounds painful to me.  He said he felt really popular because they had six people in this small room getting the sample.  Probably a popularity contest he really didn’t care to have!

Anyway, Paul took a Lortab and is up stairs taking a nap.  After the Lidocaine started to wear off he was really starting to hurt.  He said it felt like someone had punched him in the gut.  Poor guy…I hope that he gets some peaceful rest!

We probably will not know the results of the biopsy for a couple of weeks.  They are sending it away somewhere to have some special tests run.  So for now, we will do what we do…enjoy the life that we have NOW.   We will stay in the present…no looking back…and very minimal looking forward…we will just enjoy and focus on the moment we are in.

We have been so blessed.  A special thank you to our angels who brought us gifts last night!  Our girls were so excited!!!!!  I was a blubbering idiot…I felt so overcome with love and gratitude.

I have so much more I would love to share…but not today…I am feeling extremely tired today and just don’t have the energy! 


  1. Hang in there, and try to get some rest! We are praying for all of you! Love and postive vibes coming to you all the way from Texas.

  2. I'm thinking and praying for you guys and doing a lot of crying too. I hope you know how much we love you and are right there with you in hoping for some treatment options.