Friday, July 1, 2016

Just Keep Moving!

Two months ago I was riding my bike.  I decided to take a short cut to get back to the main road.  This short cut involved some dirt…and my bike got stuck…I went to pedal forward and my bike wouldn’t move. 

As I tried to pedal but couldn’t move I found myself starting to tip over.  I knew that I was going to fall over if I didn’t put my foot down to prevent it.  As I placed my foot on the ground my ankle immediately twisted and I heard and felt a snap.  The pain was intense!  Immediately I could feel it start to swell.

As I lay there on the ground with a wounded bleeding hand and a painful massively swollen ankle, I realized that I was going to be unable to ride home.  I was only about two miles from home…but there was no way I could do it. 

My first feeling was panic and this intense feeling of being alone.  There was no one around me on the path…I was by myself.  My husband was dead.  He couldn’t come and help me.  Now what?  Quickly though I felt prompted to call a dear friend for help.  Cell phones can be such a blessing!  She was about 20 minutes away but willingly agreed to come and pick me up.  I was so relieved to see her beautiful face arrive!

As my friend got me home and helped me in to my house, she immediately began to address my wounds.  She propped my ankle up and put ice on it.  She got hydrogen peroxide and started to work on my hand to get the gravel out of it…not sure which hurt worse my ankle or the digging at my hand to get out the debris!  

Because of the immense swelling in my ankle, my friend felt that she needed to have our neighbor look at it—he happens to be a P.A.  He was concerned and had me go for x-rays.  The x-rays revealed a fractured fibula in my ankle…and I had severely sprained tendons on both sides.  I was sent to an orthopedic surgeon.  Fortunately, my injury did not require surgery.  I was placed in a boot and had to limit usage of the ankle.  Gratefully, I am no longer wearing the boot and am finally able to start using it more…it is just going to take some time for it to be completely healed.

I would like to share a couple of the things I have learned from this experience. First, we are not alone even if it at times it feels that way and there is no one visibly around us.  As I mentioned, I felt so alone after I was first injured, then I felt a calm come over me.  I was prompted as to how to get help.  I was guided from the other side of the veil…we are being watched over by a loving God and His ministering angels—both heavenly and earthly angels.  

Even if you don’t feel the calm or recognize the help you are receiving from God…it is there!  I love this statement by Jeffery R. Holland because I believe it is true, “On occasions, global or personal, we may feel we are distanced from God, shut out from heaven, lost, alone in dark and dreary places. Often enough that distress can be of our own making, but even then the Father of us all is watching and assisting. And always there are those angels who come and go all around us, seen and unseen, known and unknown, mortal and immortal.”

The second thought I would like to share is that we must keep moving forward.  As I learned, in order for a bike to remain upright you must keep pedaling and moving forward.  If you become stuck and/or stop pedaling, you will fall.  Albert Einstein said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

There will be those moments that you simply feel you can’t move forward and you may find yourself falling into deep sadness, regret, loneliness, despair, or any other myriad of emotions.   Don’t just lay there if you do fall down. Get back up! You don’t have to nurse your wounds alone. Turn to God, and allow others to help you.  You are never alone!

And remember there are always angels among us!

And don't forget to Move (Keep Walkin')!  This song will inspire you to get up and move!

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