Friday, December 28, 2012

We might get a miracle!

Paul’s doctor called today with some good news!  He said that Paul’s biopsy report indicated his metastases is the kind that is responding to a trial drug. He said they are having pretty good success with it in gastric patients.

The trial drug (I don’t know the name yet) is currently approved by the FDA for use in kidney cancer.  Because of that, we have to get approval through our insurance and through Pfizer (the manufacturer) to use the drug.  The doctor said this could take 3 – 4 weeks. 

In the meantime, we meet with our doctor on January 4thto discuss everything.  He told Paul we will probably want to start some kind of chemotherapy before we are able to start using the drug.

I just hope that our insurance company is willing to go along with it…if not we might be doing a fundraiser!  I can’t stress about it…what ever happens will happen…

Paul is doing better.  He has more energy and his bowels are working again.  He is not using as much pain medication.  We are still just doing TPN at the moment.  I am not sure when we will start food intake by mouth.

Thanks again  for all your prayers and support.  We really have been blessed!

We are praying that his health continues to improve and that we get a shot at the trial drug!!!!

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  1. That is great news...we will keep Uncle Paul in our prayers!