Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What we did on 12-12-12...

Today was Paul’s retirement party at work.  He has been on short-term disability this year…it has now run out.  Because it has ended, he will now be going into long-term disability and retirement.  It is a good thing that he worked for the same company for 34 years…we will have a retirement package, which includes a continuation of health insurance (although we have to pay $500 more a month for

Paul had a great party!  Many thanks to all the wonderful people he has worked with over the years.  He was blessed to have so many of his friends come and see him.  He was so happy!    It was nice for me to finally get to meet people that I have heard so much about.  Once again, so much kindness and love was shown to us.

Today is also the one-year anniversary of Paul’s gastrectomy (stomach removed).  It is not a day you really celebrate.  But, it is a day that you remember.  I don’t really allow myself to think about it.  For the most part I am living in the present.

Paul’s doctor’s appointment was rescheduled from this Friday  (December 14th) to next Tuesday (December 18th) because his biopsy results are not back yet.   Evidently, they sent them to Oregon and it is taking about 3 weeks to get the results back.

Honestly, you would think I would be anxious to know the results, but I am not.  Once we know the results, any hope I have left for him to recover may be taken from me.  I like the comfort of having hope that there will be a cure.  If they tell us that he is not a candidate for any trial drugs…well, you know…we will still continue to hope…it will just be a little more challenging.  We will just keep praying, and hopefully God’s will is to keep him here.  Obviously, we will know in time what God’s will is…

I just love this man, Paul.  I do not want to lose him.  He is my best friend.  I really, really like him. I tell him all the time how much I like him.  To me, that can be more of a compliment.  You know, you can love someone and not like them very much.  So he knows that not only do I love him, but I like him as well!


  1. Paul is a great man and we pray for him. We love you guys. -Brian Seegmiller

  2. Sandra, I hope that you get good results. I'm glad that his retirement party was so great! I'm so glad I went to the mission reunion and got to talk to both of you. I can tell you've got a good man there. :) You're right; "I like you" can be more of a compliment! High praise indeed. And he has a wonderful woman by his side! Love, Heidi Wilson