Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hiccups are literally a pain!

Paul has been getting the hiccups and they are very painful!  He tried some chicken broth last night and it really did not agree with him.  He got very nauseated and then the hiccups.  They gave him Zofran and a shot of Toradol...they seemed to help.   He had the hiccups some more today.  The doctor said it is because his diaphragm is irritated from the surgery.

Today, the doctor changed his restrictions again.  He can now have as much clear liquids as he wants.  He really liked the Italian ice!  Tomorrow they will start him on regular liquids (yogurt, pudding, ice cream, etc.) to see how he does.  I hope that he is able to tolerate it...this could become a long process...lots of trial and error.  It is a good thing he is getting nutrition from his feeding tube.

Speaking of feeding tube...the food that goes in there does not smell the best.  He was sitting up today getting his sponge bath and one of the caps on the tube opened up.  The food started dripping out on his leg...we both were really glad after we smelled it that he doesn't have to eat it through his mouth!

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