Friday, December 16, 2011

Mostly good news...

They took Paul's NG tube out this morning!  They checked him for leaks in the radiation department this morning ( I know it sounds funny-but 25 % of patients have leaks) and did not see they took the tube out of his nose.  He is so happy to have that thing gone!

He has been having nausea today.  Yep, you can have nausea without having a stomach...and we are also discovering that you can feel hungry as well!  They have increased the amount of food he is getting in his J-tube and will let him have two ounces of liquid an hour instead of just two ice chips an hour.  He really likes apple juice flavored ice chips!

The doctor met with us today and told us that the cancer was deeper and bigger in his stomach than they had originally thought (took up about half his stomach), but they tested 31 lymph nodes and there was no cancer present.  His final cancer staging is T3N0, which is stage IIa.  We are going to beat this!

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