Sunday, December 18, 2011

Paul is not doing well today...please include him in your prayers!

Paul has been throwing up all morning.  The Zofran is not helping!  This is so hard to watch...he is running a fever and is having nausea & vomiting.  I can only imagine the pain...The doctor said that this is actually pretty normal to have happen.  In fact, he said it happens in most cases.  He just didn't think it was going to happen to Paul because he had been doing so well.  They are going to get a CT scan this morning just make to sure that everything is okay inside.  They are also going to check him for a bacteria (c-diffuse is what he called it, I think ) that can cause this.  I just can't imagine how bad this must hurt to throw up with your insides trying to heal!

Poor guy is in major pain.  His back is really hurting now where he had his fusion last year.  I hate is very hard.  My sister is coming up to see us and is bringing a freezer gel pack that we can put on his back.  That should help a little with his back.

They just started an IV with Fenergan.  I really hope this helps!  I just feel so helpless...I wish I could help him more...Oh great, now they just said his IV is probably plugged.  They may have to put in a new IV line.  Actually, that shouldn't surprise me since he has had that line in for almost a week.... They just gave him a dose of liquid Lortab in his feeding tube.  They are trying to get him off of the epideral today.

Can I just say (in a loud screaming voice) Cancer SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is mean and evil!