Friday, January 27, 2012

Chemotherapy starts Monday...

We met with our oncologist today.  We were not totally prepared for what he told us about the chemotherapy that Paul will be receiving.  After we met with him last time, we were under the impression that Paul would be receiving three rounds of chemo (every 21 days).  He told us today that if he tolerates the first three rounds well, he will get another three rounds (six total).  We were not overly excited about that.

Paul will receive Epirubicin and Cisplatin via infusion on this Monday and will actually be going home with a continuous pump of 5-FU (chemotherapy) that runs for two weeks. Even though the 5-FU is a two week course, we have to go back once a week to have the needle changed because of his port.  We go back in 21 days to start the whole process over again (Epirubicin, Cipslatin, and two weeks of 5-FU).  We may be doing this for up to six sessions.  Paul will only have one week between each chemo session that he is not actually receiving chemotherapy.

It was a bit overwhelming to talk about all the possible side effects and what to watch for.  The doctor was very straightforward.  He told us it was going to be very rough.  He confirmed that Paul will lose his hair, but that really is the least of our concerns.  One of our big concerns is keeping the nausea at bay.  It is already hard enough to get food in him.  In addition, he has to make sure he gets at least two liters a day of liquid because of the chemo drugs.  One of the drugs can cause kidney problems.  The doctor gave us several prescriptions to help with nausea...I really hope they work! They will be monitoring his blood levels throughout the whole process.  We will be going to Huntsman at least once a week...

This too shall pass...we are dreaming of taking the girls to Disneyland in October.  For now, we will take things day by day and enjoy each moment we have!


  1. We are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers!

  2. The great Johns Hopkins’ physician Sir William Osler once said “Where disease is concerned, it may be more important to
    understand what kind of person has the disease, rather than
    what kind of disease the person has.” Uncle Paul you are going to get through this! We are all thinking and praying for you guys :) SDLY