Thursday, January 5, 2012

We went to Huntsman Cancer Institute today...

We met with Paul's oncologist today.  Paul has a rare diffuse type cancer called linitus plastica.  It is a tough cancer to treat because it is very aggressive.  It also does not respond as well to chemoradiation as other gastric cancers might.  Our oncologist is leaning towards just doing chemotherapy.

Long story short, we don't know a game plan yet.  Our oncologist is meeting with the board of doctors (Gastrointestinal Department) on Tuesday to discuss Paul's case.  Evidently, the board consists of other oncologists, surgeons, and gastroenterologists. 

For now, Paul has no evidence of cancer.  It was all located in his stomach as far as they know, but this particular cancer is notorious for peritoneal seeding, which can cause peritoneal carcinoma.  Peritoneal seeding is not visible on PET/CT scans.  You don't know it's a problem, unless it begins to grow.

We are just going to remain positive!  Paul is doing well.  He had his PICC line removed this morning.  He is so happy that he is not attached to his TPN bag and that he no longer has the J-tube causing him pain!

By the way, I must say, Huntsman was a pretty impressive place.  They have already set up an appointment for us to meet with a nutritionist and to go for genetic counseling.  Because of Paul's family history of cancers, they are going to be doing some research to see if our children need to be aware of potential problems.


  1. We are happy to hear that Paul has a few less tubes. You are all in our thoughts and prayers!

  2. Sandra thanks so much for taking the time to keep us informed. Steve was at the Huntsman today and looked for you - no luck - I imagine your paths will cross there sooner or later. So glad Paul is improving - yeah for no tubes!!