Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Great news!

We went to Paul's doctors appointment today and they removed the J-tube!  He was so happy to have that tube gone!  I think I am almost as glad as he is...Now I don't have to flush it anymore or clean it! 

Paul is eating around 1,800 - 2,000 calories a day by mouth now.  Because he is doing so well, the doctor said that after tomorrow he will no longer need the TPN!  He will probably lose some weight that he has gained back, unless I can get him up to about 3,000 calories a day.  We will keep working on that!

Anyway, because they are going to discontinue the TPN, the PICC line will be coming out in the next day or so!  The plan for now is to put in a port for the chemotherapy (this can also be used for TPN if it becomes necessary again).

The doctor is very pleased with Paul's progress.  He is such a trooper!  I am so proud of him!  He truly is an amazing person...

The doctor heard about the fiasco last Friday with Paul's blood labs.  He said that it was someone from the lab who called us.  He said when he got home Sunday (from his cruise), he had a message from the lab with Paul's info...he said he was surprised they did not call his office to speak to the on-call physician.  Anyway, he said they are working to find out who it was that called us.  They are going to make sure the individual gets some training.  That would be a great idea!

We are going to Huntsman Cancer Institute on Thursday for a doctors appointment.  Hopefully, we will find out what is going to be happening with his chemo and radiation.  It will be nice to have a game plan in place.

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